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Five Crucial Questions To Ask When Browsing Rugs For Sale Online!

Every home needs area rugs, and today’s rug shoppers are mostly browsing their options online as compared to the massive showrooms of the past. Although there’s no denying how online rug shopping offers a lot of conveniences, there are certain drawbacks that rug shoppers should understand.

When you’re browsing rugs for sale online, you’ll have to keep several questions in mind that you’ll ask yourself. The below five questions are absolutely critical when it comes to finding the best area rug to match your unique needs!

Which room in my home am I purchasing the area rug for?

The first consideration that you’ll need to figure out is which room your new area rug is going to be placed within, and how you currently utilize this room.

Does your room get a lot of foot traffic? Is there a high likelihood that a spill might occur within this room? These are some factors that you’ll want to keep in mind at the very beginning of your rug search, because it’ll help you narrow down your happy medium within the give-and-take relationship between rug durability and comfort.

You’d likely purchase different rugs for your dining room and bedroom, so understanding where your new rug will go is a top priority that’ll dictate the rest of your shopping search!

What size does the new area rug need to be?

The odds are that your new area rug needs to be larger than you’re initially thinking. What’s interesting is that large area rugs make rooms appear a little bigger than they actually are, and on the other hand, a smaller rug can make a room seem off-balance and awkward.

You’ll need to leave around two feet of space between the edges of your rug and your room’s walls, and just remember that your new area rug is likely going to be the décor focal point for the space it’s being placed within.

Getting the correct rug size is a lot harder than it seems, so you’ll be better off conducting your own precise measurements prior to doing any online research.

What kind of rug design do you want?

The three main rug designs include modern, traditional and transitional. This part of the rug shopping process is personal, so it’s entirely up to your own preferences and tastes in terms of what rug designs strike your fancy. One tip to keep in mind is that your new area rug should blend well within your home’s existing décor themes.

Here are some more details about your fundamental rug design options:

  • Traditional rugs are often inspired by handmade Persian and Oriental rugs. These rugs often feature intricate borders, large medallions, floral patterns, and timeless weaving techniques.
  • Modern rugs are usually more outside of the box than their traditional counterparts. These designs are often abstract or asymmetrical, and they often feature bold, geometric patterns.
  • Transitional rugs fit in between traditional and modern rugs. They offer many traditional patterns, while also feature asymmetry and more modern geometric designs.

Most rug shoppers will match their new area rugs with their home’s existing décor, so it’s important to take a close look at the details of your home’s ambience while you’re deciphering which design is best for you.

What’s the rug’s style, and how was it made?

It’s common for online rug shoppers to get overwhelmed by just how many options that they have to choose from throughout the Web, and this can sometimes lead to errors of judgment or simply not enough research.

When it comes to how rugs are made, you’ll generally have two options: machine-made and handmade rugs. There’s no denying how handmade rugs are more durable, and subsequently much more expensive, than their machine-made counterparts.

But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing a machine-made rug in today’s marketplace, and the vast majority of rugs online are made by machines. A lot of machine-made rugs are made from synthetic fibers that are incredibly versatile, and some of these fibers can even mimic more expensive natural materials like wool.

Pile length is another major shopping factor to keep in mind, which refers to the overall length of the rug’s fibers. Longer piles include plush, shaggy rugs that are usually pretty tough to clean. Low-pile rugs are generally better for high-traffic, household areas like living rooms and foyers.

How are you going to take care of your new area rug?

Another big consideration to keep in mind while you’re browsing rugs for sale online is your potential rug maintenance plan. The good news is that most rugs can be well maintained by simply vacuuming them on a regular basis, as well as rotating them for even wearing.

And it’s also important to be prepared just in case a spill occurs on your new rug, which doesn’t have to be a dire, emergency-like scenario! With the right cleaning products, you’ll be prepared for even the worst types of spills!

Contact The Experts At Rug Source When You’re Browsing Rugs For Sale Online!

It’s normal to be confused when you’re doing your own online rug shopping, and the good news is that there are certain online outlets that provide world-renowned customer support from experienced industry specialists.

The Rug Source team is unlike any other online rug outlet, because they’ll take the time to review photos of your home and help you find the best solutions based upon your existing décor, your personal preferences and your unique budget.

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