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Here Is The Quick Solution For Blocked Drainage

The drainage system needs to be checked every year in every house, building, or compartment. The drainage block may be caused due to day-to-day human activities. Problems with drainage pipes, blockage, and debris, can lead to an unpleasant environment. A poor drainage system can lead to a foul smell, and in severe conditions, it can impact the health of human beings. There are a few ways to eliminate blocked drains Medway, such as chemical methods, Plungers, etc. The drain blocks can be cleared quickly in minor situations using high-pressure water flow. But if the condition is worst, then contacting the service centers is preferred. Companies such as Kent drainage services provide services such as removing blocked drains, drain maintenance, pipe repair, and much more. These drainage service providers have quick action and reach out to their customers for faster services.

Reasons For Causing The Drain Blockages

  • The primary reason for drain blockage in many houses is the hairs. These hairs get stocked inside the drain and cause a significant bottleneck.
  • In the kitchen areas, if the left-out food is disposed of in the sink while washing, that can block the flow of used water and develop a foul smell.
  • The toilet papers need to be used in a limited manner. Also, more use is required to block the pipe. Used sanitary pads, diapers, and napkins need to be disposed of in waste while some people flush the used products into the toilet, causing a blockage in the drain. This can help in bacterial growth, causing hazardous infection and disease.
  • The roots of trees can block the flow of water. In some cases, the roots damage the septic tanks and the pipe causing major drainage issues. Sometimes non-biodegradable waste, such as plastics, gets into the path of a drainage pipe, preventing water flow.
  • The corroded pipes can develop minerals and cause significant blocking. So using PVC pipes that can be easily replaced and economically affordable is recommended.

Solutions For Blocked Drains

  • Avoid using any harsh chemicals other than the prescribed drainage cleaning agents. Using acids and effective chemicals can damage the pipes.
  • Properly dispose of the hair, waste food, diapers, napkins, and sanitary napkins into the dustbin. Flushing these items can block the water flow.
  • Replace the drainage pipes after a few years. Regularly inspect the drainage system once a year which can decrease the uncertainty rate.
  • Proper awareness needs to be generated to prevent drainage damage among the public.

Blocked drainage can be toxic to human health. If the damaged drainage pipes are left untreated, that can create an uncomfortable atmosphere. Moreover, untreated drainage systems can lead to bacterial infection; sewage can return, and severe medical issues. In the case of public urinals and blocked sinks in the workplace, the drainage problem can affect the workplace and cause difficulties for staff. Some companies, such as Kent drainage services, have professional and trained teams. So always remember if there is any issue with the blocked drain Medway then feel free to contact the service providers. Drainage companies can deal with such crucial matters. They have quick and effective solutions for every drainage problem. Overall, the service companies ensure a hygienic and clean drainage system.

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