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How can I renovate my house cheaply?

As a homeowner, few things are as fulfilling as being able to renovate your own home. It could be something as simple as upgrading the shower or adding a skylight to your bedroom. Maybe you have more specific taste and want to add Victorian tiles to your rooms. In all this, there’s one major issue you’ll have to contend with: cost.

House renovation can be a costly affair. If you don’t have enough checks and balances to make sure you stay within your budget, you’re dokmed to overspend on some very basic needs. But renovating your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to do. It will take some creativity and sacrifice, but it’s possible to make your home a bit more comfortable and stylish, even on a budget.

Improve efficiency, not size

When renovating crucial areas like the kitchen, it’s important to remember that most times, you want more efficiency, not more space. Move around various items mentally to see if having certain things together would make life easier to deal with.

If you’re satisfied with your kitchen’s layout and storage space, don’t mess with the cabinets and drawers. Consider replacing the doors, handles, sink taps and counter tops to give them a fresh look instead. You may not need to demolish walls in order to achieve the effect you’re after..

Spruce up your front door

The first thing visitors see when they get to your home is the front door. It’s one of the most important pieces of your home because it can make an impression from a distance. In fact, a good front door can substantially increase property values. If you’re looking to sell your home or expect visitors that need to be impressed, repaint the front door or replace it altogether.

Chipped paint, cracks, faulty knobs and noisy hinges don’t leave a lasting impression. At least not a positive one. Since we’re working on a budget, skip the expensive hardwood option and go for faux wood instead. If well painted and maintained, it’s impossible to tell the difference.


A lot of times, home renovation experts will tell you all you need for your home is a fresh coat of paint. If you’re undecided on which colors will work best, try giving it a matte finish rather than a glossy one. On the cheaper end, wallpaper that goes well with the rest of your home is also a viable option.

Alternatively, don’t repaint your whole home, just the ceiling. Experiment with soft neutral colors on the walls and more bold, shouty color on the ceiling. Not many people are fans of bright colors like yellow, but a white wall/yellow ceiling combination usually works really well. If yellow is too loud for your tastes, replace it with beige

Finishing touches

Finally, home renovation is just as much about the big things like your kitchen walls and bathroom tiles as it is about the little things like doorknobs, hinges and handles. These are pretty inexpensive and make a very large difference.

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