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Types of Staircases You Need To Know

Just like the rest of the elements in your home, a staircase plays a very crucial role in making your home’s interior design more functional and aesthetically appealing. You should pay attention to the stair designs for your home when choosing one. There are different types of staircase designs available. Depending on the home design and your preferences, you should choose a staircase design. However, it is not a very easy task as different types of staircases have different features. While some help in saving more space, others give your home a very luxurious look. If you are not sure which type of staircase is ideal for your home, mentioned below are a few you can consider:

01 of 04 Make use of the corners with L-shaped staircases

L-shaped stair designs for homes are also known as quarter-turn stairs. As the name suggests, these staircases move midway in a different direction at 90 degrees. Due to the angle, a landing space is created that helps to add more visual interest to corners or other restrictive areas. It does not make the corners appear left out. This staircase design is mostly preferred in small homes. Owing to this landing area in the middle, this staircase design is considered quite safe as well compared to the straight design staircases. This is because if someone slips and falls on the stairs, the fall will not be very high as there is a resting space in the middle. However, there are a few disadvantages of this design as well. Installing this type of staircase is more difficult than straight staircases. Hence, the time and expenses required for the installation process will be higher. Also, you will experience difficulty in carrying heavy furniture pieces upstairs using this staircase.

02 of 04 Staircase designs that offer extra storage

In small homes, you may find it a little difficult to accommodate everything. When you place too many items, the interiors start appearing very compact and cluttered. However, this does not mean you cannot make your small home design appear appealing. The best way to tackle this situation is by creating extra storage in your home. Although many people ignore the space under the staircase and leave it empty, it can be put to great use if you want to create extra storage. You can create shelves and other types of storage under the staircase to create additional space for storing items and reducing clutter in your home. One of the most common storage solutions for the free space under the staircase is a bookshelf. Not only does it allow you to declutter the home but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space. Further, displaying your book collection allows you to give your home design a more personal touch. Put your creativity to use and come up with interesting storage ideas. The possibilities are endless!

03 of 04 Give your interiors a contemporary feel with a steel staircase

You can use steel staircases in various places in your dining room, hallway, or living room design as it offers you the opportunity to create almost any design. It is a very sturdy and durable material and ideal for people who are looking for low-maintenance options. These stair designs for your home can last a lifetime and are a very budget-friendly choice. The initial investment required is very low and it hardly requires any maintenance. Further, it is a very versatile option because you can use it almost anywhere in your house, including outdoor spaces like your garden. People who want to give an industrial look to the home interior design can opt for this option. They are available in various interesting designs that you can choose depending on the design of your home. You can get it customised according to your preferences as well if you want.

04 of 04 Choose wooden staircases that complement your home design

When it comes to choosing material for your home interiors, you can never get wrong with wood. Wood is one of the most popular items used for enhancing the aesthetic beauty of any home interior design. When choosing staircases for your dining room or living room design to make it appear very warm and welcoming, you can always opt for wooden staircases. Wooden staircases have an elegant look and feel. You can use them in almost any home design and they will perfectly blend in. Their timeless appeal has made them one of the best and most popular choices across the world. People who like to flaunt their elite lifestyle can opt for wooden staircases. The most common options you can select when opting for wooden staircases are maple, cherry, walnut, and mahogany. Although it can prove to be quite expensive, wood will last a lifetime and help to increase your home resale value.

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