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5 Essential Features For A Great Garden Party

Summer is the season of garden parties and those with outdoor spaces on their properties can begin planning a period of social events taking place outdoors. While the requirements of a garden party might seem few in number, to ensure that an outdoor space not only impresses friends and family but also keeps them comfortable, a few considerations must be made.

To ensure that your next outdoor gathering goes well, whether you’re hosting new neighbours or old friends, we’re sharing the five essential features that will keep everyone happy and safe this summer.

High-Quality Furniture 

Between having the facilities to enjoy an outdoor meal and offering guests a comfortable spot to relax, furniture is a key element to any garden party just as it is indoors. With outdoor furniture, however, it is important to take the weather into consideration. This means choosing and arranging furniture that will be comfortable during warm summer afternoons and long, cooler evenings.

It is also worth considering furniture that can be compacted or easily stored so that when it isn’t in use, especially during the winter, it can be kept safe and dry, sustaining its quality for years to come. 

Warming Comforts 

Garden parties are always going to take place during the day and many will even continue into the later hours. In preparation for this and to ensure that guests don’t leave early, considerations for warmth must be made. This could manifest as a selection of woollen blankets for guests to wrap up in or as heat lamps, which can be intermittently activated to keep an area warm.

Those with the space can also choose to create a firepit for guests to gather around, an asset that can even double as a platform for cooking too!

Enclosed Comforts 

Outbuildings, such as cabins and summer houses, are wonderfully versatile spaces and can become the perfect venue for a garden party. Their design is limited only by the imagination, as well as perhaps a little space, with some using them to contain bespoke dining facilities for guests while others clear the floor and use them as a social venue, even adding a private bar.

These spaces can also double as guest rooms, giving some the option to stay the night too.

Cooking Equipment 

Whether you opt for an all-bells and whistles barbeque or for a more refined pizza oven, having the facilities to cook for guests outdoors can add a certain ceremony to gatherings, even becoming the reason many will make the journey to a residence too.

The aesthetics of these facilities are as important as their function because, during the winter periods when they are generally out of operation, homeowners will want to ensure that their presence in the garden doesn’t detract from the natural aesthetic. This is why, while a pizza oven is a considerable investment, it might last longer than a typical barbecue.

Shade And Cover

During the rain, guests will want shelter. During the sun, they may want shade. This is why it is important to have the option for coverage in a garden, whether in the form of a gazebo or parasol. Having these modular comforts means that guests, especially children, can maintain their comfort as the temperatures and conditions change without the need to go inside.


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