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9 Essential Questions To Ask When Hiring A Fencing Company

The fence is an important component that enhances the security and privacy of the home. Moreover, beautifully made fences make the home look good by adding aesthetic appeal.

But when installing a fence, it is advisable to hire a qualified fencing company for the task. Having the right company ensures complications won’t arise during or after the installation.

Here are essential questions homeowners should ask before hiring a fencing company.

Does the Staff Have the Right Skills and Experience?

Fencing companies have different specializations for different types of fences. It is critical to consider a company with the right specialization for the required fence type.

Similarly, a reputable Dallas Fence Company comprises industry professionals with proven experience handling fencing tasks for many years. 

Does the Company Have a Good Reputation?

A good roofing company has a good reputation based on work done for the previous clients. And the best way for homeowners to judge a company’s reputation is to read online reviews on the company’s website. If the company has good reviews, it means they have been offering excellent services.

Another way to judge the reputation of a Dallas Fence Company is through referrals. Close friends and family who have used the company before can attest to their level of satisfaction working with the fencing company.

Still, on reputation, some fencing companies put a badge on a fence once they finish the work. It is a way of advertising their services and may offer an important clue, especially if the work is perfect.

Does the Company Have a Valid License?

As a legal requirement by industry regulators, commercial fencing companies should have a valid license issued after meeting the required criteria. 

For instance, the company should have accreditation to carry out electrical and mechanical work when installing an electric fence.

What Is the First Impression?

Before the work commences, contractors often visit the client’s home for a general view of the project area and consultation. The initial consultation is a perfect opportunity for clients to make a valid judgment of the first impression.

A good fencing company values time and remains punctual from the onset. The contractors stick to the agreed schedule and time for the initial consultation.

Besides punctuality, the company’s staff should be professional in all undertakings. They should willingly share the relevant information with the client and answer their concerns.

Are They Transparent in Sharing Information?

Transparency is essential because it boosts the client’s trust in the contractor’s services. Therefore, a good roofing company has a robust transparency policy that ensures the clients get the right information.

Transparency includes a professionally-written quote of the estimates for the service required. If the client has objections or wants something clarified, the company should do it without hiding any information.

Do They Offer a Warranty?

A good company offers a warranty on the work done, including fence installation, materials used, and labor. The warranty gives the client assurance that the completed project will last for the time the contractor estimates.

Although the warranty duration depends on the company and materials used, a long-term fencing project should have a longer warranty. Some companies will offer three years, seven years, nine years, or more.

What Are Their Estimates?

When looking for a suitable roofing company, obtaining at least three estimates from different companies is critical. Estimates comprise a fair range of the project bid, making it easier for the clients to select an affordable mix of quality and cost. Estimates also cover the proposed material used and the scope of work to be covered.

Although finding estimates for other construction projects is sometimes hard, fencing is pretty easy. Companies may visually inspect the property to work out an accurate estimate of the project.

What Are the Payment and Contract Terms?

Property developers should have a clear idea of the contract details and ways of making payments. Most fencing companies provide a written contract to be signed by the property owner before the commencement of the work.

Regarding payment, others require upfront payment, while others require a deposit at the start and the remaining balance upon completion. Despite the method chosen, the company shouldn’t focus on the payment without outlining how to deliver on the project.

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