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A Guide to Mature Tree Removal

If you have a large tree on your property that is not in the best of condition, it is advisable to ask an arborist to come and examine the tree, and this should be done sooner rather than later. A fully mature tree could weigh up to 100 tons and if the tree in question is looking the worse for wear, it is time for an expert to assess the situation.

Sourcing a Tree Surgeon

If you are in need of Perth tree lopping, look no further than the Internet, which can help you find the website of a local tree specialist, and make sure that the company is fully insured, as removing a large tree does present a degree of danger, to both property and people.

Assessing the Health of a Tree

The arborist would be able to evaluate the overall health of a large tree and if he felt that the tree should be removed, he would make that recommendation. It might be that the tree has a disease and by removing some of the branches, the tree in question will survive and presents no danger to people or property.

Removing the Tree

If the tree is in a residential area, special precautions must be taking when removing the tree, which includes roping the area off, while a crane is on-site to gently lower large branches to a flat-bed truck. There would be a team on the ground who are responsible for keeping the area clear and also cutting up and removing branches as they are lowered. Every effort would be made to protect your lawn and garden fencing, and the operation would only go ahead when the preparations have been made.

Stump Removal

Up until a few years ago, when a large tree was removed, the stump would be left as it is, due to the time-consuming and costly process of digging it out, whereas today we have stump-grinding machine that turns the stump into sawdust, thus allowing you to make good use of the ground. Once the stump grinder has finished, you can re-grass the area or make other use of it.

A mature tree can weigh up to 100 tons, and of you suspect that your mature tree has an issue, you should call out a local arborist as soon as possible.

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