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Elegant Walkways to Enhance Your Curb Appeal


You can do a lot of things to up your curb appeal. However, the easiest way of doing that is to jazz up the walkway. You can search for “paving companies near me and hire professionals for the job. Let’s check out elegant walkways to enhance your curb appeal.

The Walkways

  1. Gravel path – People often forget that keeping things simple is often the best course of action. If you have a hard time coming up with your own ideas for a walkway, you can always stick to classics and get a gravel walkway. You can use both gray stones and gray gravel to lay down a path to the front door from your entrance.

It works even better if you have a classically styled home with big white pillars at the front and subtle yet dark tones for the exterior. To prevent gravel from seeping into the grass, you can use metal edging to separate the path. This way the gravel stays a couple of inches above the ground.

  1. Brick path – Nothing shows more grandeur than a large brick path leading straight to your front door. If your home is on a slope, then you can use stairs of different sizes to make it look even bigger and grander. For instance, you can make the stairs widen as they go from the front door to the bottom. This visually invites guests into your home.
  1. Sleek pavers – If you have a modern-styled home with sharp edges, clean lines, and a lot of neat geometry, a gravel or brick path is completely unsuitable for you. Instead of increasing your home’s curb appeal, they will bring down the value of your entire home.

Instead, you need to opt for an extremely modern walkway with a graphic element. It needs to be sleek, symmetric, and balanced. For instance, you can have a charcoal-colored gravel path with white stone slates over them. Use as many rectangles as you can while preserving the contrast.

  1. Lighting – Lighting is very important for all outdoor features, especially the walkway. Lightning doesn’t just improve the look but also highlights the path after dark. You have many options for adding lighting to your walkway. Depending on the overall style and theme of the walkway and the overall architecture, you can have different types of contemporary or vintage lighting.

For instance, if you have a classical-style home and walkway, you can light up the walkway with vintage lamps with a metal grid and glass enclosures. It makes your home look like something out of the Victorian era. Otherwise, you can directly add lights on the pathway since LEDs are very convenient and have simple wiring.

  1. Extend your home’s architecture to your walkway – When you have too many options to choose from, you get more anxious, and it becomes very difficult to pave your walkway. In that case, you can go with the safe choice of mimicking the architecture of your home. Take inspiration from your home’s architecture and extend it to your walkway.

Take a look at your home and notice the dominant materials used on the outside and use them to pave your walkway. For instance, if the entrance has granite stubs, you can use granite or something with a similar texture and color to paving the walkway. This makes the walkway more elegant and blends it in seamlessly.

  1. Break the convention – Front walkways are usually a straight and narrow path that extends from the front door to the entrance. However, your walkway doesn’t need to be that way. Sometimes breaking the norm can yield great results. You can do away with the narrow straight walkway and instead build one that makes a right angle from the front door to the driveway.

You can go even more unconventional and add multiple narrows always in different directions in the front yard. Those walkways are also going to prove themselves useful when you have a rush of guests.

  1. Use asymmetry – As mentioned above, when you have a modern-style home with clean lines and flat roofs, it’s best to keep a symmetric walkway that reflects the same design. However, you can be a bit more adventurous and use asymmetry to your advantage. However, the asymmetry needs to be neat to portray organized chaos instead of making a messy walkway.

For instance, if you decide to go with a dark gravel path with flat and sleek stone slates for the walkway, place the sleek stones in an asymmetrical way. Make sure that they are not aligned with each other and that there’s no fixed pattern to their non-alignment. The pavers and slates mimic your home’s modern style, yet the asymmetry is able to create more visual intrigue.

  1. Use different types of materials – You don’t need to settle for just one type of walkway when you can mix and match different types of materials. For instance, there’s no reason for concrete slabs to have a perimeter made out of flat and polished black granite. With contrast, you can turn the most mundane walkway into an incredible one. Make sure that the contrast is reined in so that the visual effect remains subtle and elegant.
  1. Use heights – You can raise your walkway to new heights both metaphorically and literally when you make use of tiers. Instead of a normal front walkway, you can add some drama with a tiered style that looks sleek and stunning. Think of it as a super-wide stair made of two or three steps. You can also make the steps from different materials and different shades.


Walkways can be both functional and stylish. They can be used to guide people to a particular point within your property or can also be used to define certain features. Either way, elegant walkways help to increase your curb appeal and get you a better selling price for your home in the future. You can search for “paving companies near me” and hire professionals to build a walkway for you.

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