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10 Tips for Beautifying Your Home with Wood Siding for homeoflovelyideas

Are you getting ready for new siding for your house? Wood siding is a perfect choice for a premium home improvement project due to its natural beauty, decent insulation, energy efficiency, and durability. Here are ten tips for beautifying your home with wood siding:

1.Mix wood siding with other materials

No rule that stipulates that the same material has to be used for the entire exterior of a house – so why not mix two or more materials up? In that case, wood siding doesn’t have to be boring.

Wood siding is one of the most versatile types of siding. For a picture-perfect contrast, you can pair wood siding with other materials, such as vinyl, fieldstone, or brick. When pairing wood with other materials, you want to ensure that your combination contrasts with each other well enough to stand out.

2.Elevate the siding to add height

Do you want to add the illusion of height to your one-story home? Well, you should consider elevating the siding so that the bottom of the wood siding is eight inches away from the ground. For the base, you can use a contrasting material, such as stone, concrete, or brick. You can also add a modern feel to your home by combining wood siding with metal rails.

Besides adding height to your house, elevating the wood siding also helps to prevent the biggest risk to wood – moisture. While properly finishing your siding with stain, paint, or clear sealer can be protective, it might not be enough. Elevating the wood siding can help to prevent moisture and insects from finding their way into your wood.

3.Go for thin planks for more depth

Natural wood siding comes in a variety of widths. Thin planks can either look quite rustic or very modern, depending on the look you want to achieve. To add more depth and interest to your house’s exterior walls, you should consider using thin planks as opposed to thick ones.

4.Consider using different-sized panels for a distinctive look

Also, no rule says that wood siding installation must involve the use of planks of the same size throughout the exterior of your house. In addition to mixing different types of materials, you can also play with different sized panels for an extraordinary look.

5.Use the ideal style for the shape of your house

Homes come in different shapes. For square and rectangular-shaped houses, any style, whether vertical or horizontal, may work. If your house is round in shape, however, you should consider vertical siding. Not only does vertical siding give round structures a spectacular and flawless look, but it also makes them appear taller.

6.Consider ease of installation

If you want to complete wood siding installation within the shortest time possible, you should consider horizontal wood siding. This is because it is much easier to install compared to vertical wood siding.

Why is vertical siding installation more complex compared to horizontal installation? It’s because it’s necessary to fit furring strips in between each of the planks to create a level surface, as well as to prevent water leakage and damage. The furring strips should be installed horizontally before the siding, which prolongs the duration of time required to complete the project.

7.Consider your budget

Are you on a tight budget? If so, consider horizontal siding installation as it is cheaper than vertical siding. A horizontal siding project can be completed in about half the time to accomplish a vertical siding project, which helps to save on labor costs. Furthermore, a horizontal siding project doesn’t require more additional materials, i.e., furring strips.

8.Consider ease of cleaning and maintenance

While horizontal siding may be cheaper and easier to install compared to vertical siding, it requires more time and effort to clean. Vertical siding, on the other hand, is easier to clean because water can flow down easily.

Since vertical siding is easier to clean, it can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle in the long run. If you do not mind paying more for your siding, but would like to have an easy time maintaining it, you are better off with vertical siding.

9.Consider durability

Another drawback with horizontal siding is that it is less durable because it is more prone to water damage. This is because rainwater tends to leak in between the horizontal slats. If you are looking for a long-lasting solution, then you should choose vertical wood siding.

10.Consider integrating both vertical and horizontal styles

Many homeowners choose either horizontal or vertical wood siding. One way to prove that wood siding doesn’t have to be monotonous is by installing the siding in different directions. For instance, you can install wood siding horizontally on the front portion of the house and vertical wood siding for the main part of your house. Since both vertical and horizontal sidings have their unique advantages, incorporating both styles will enable you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

A home improvement project that involves installing new wood siding is by no means a DIY project. It is a complex task that requires a professional wood siding installation contractor that has the manpower and tools to get the job done right the first time.

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