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Need help with termite control? Hire the right exterminator!

Termites are pesky pests that can cause considerable damage to your property. These insects thrive on wood, and there are different species of termites to worry about. There are some tell-a-tale signs of termite infestation, such as hollow or damaged wood, blisters on wooden flooring, mud tubes along the walls and foundation, and swarming. If you have a termite situation at home, do not delay in calling the professionals. DIY hacks are rarely useful for termite control, and if the situation gets worse, you may have to spend huge on property repairs. In this post, we are sharing more on hiring the right exterminators. 

Should you spend on a professional pest control service?

That’s one of the many questions that people ask. Hiring an exterminator is all about using their experience and expertise to your advantage. These companies know what it takes to control termites and other pests, following standard industry protocols. Exterminators have an in-house team of entomologists and experts who can take necessary steps based on the extent and nature of the infestation. Also, you can rely on them to minimize the environmental risks of pest control. Termite extermination methods may vary, but you can expect to get a warranty on the job. 

Things to consider

  1. Firstly, check if the company specializes in termite extermination. They should offer a free initial inspection and must explain their methods and products in depth. The response from an exterminator is an important aspect.
  2. Always ensure that you are working with a pest control service that’s licensed and known. You may want to ask for references or check online for reviews posted by other customers. 
  3. Insurance is the third aspect of hiring an exterminator. Pest control, no matter whether it is about termites or bedbugs, is a risky job. If there is unexpected damage to your property or a workplace accident, you don’t want to be liable for damages. Ensure that the company has liability insurance. 
  4. The cost of termite extermination depends on the job, but you need to ask for an estimate in advance. Pest control services will offer a quote only when the inspection is done. If you have been promised a discount, get everything in writing.  
  5. Finally, ask the company if they offer any warranty or assurance on the job. If the pest problem persists, they should be able to offer remediation without any extra charges.

Don’t let termites impact your property’s worth – call an exterminator today!

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