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Tips To Clean & Maintain Your Air Cooler

With summer knocking on our doors, it is time to take out our trusty companions – air coolers. An air cooler proffers several benefits that make it a better choice than both ACs and fans. It keeps the room cooler than a fan, while its usage and maintenance is much simpler than an AC. The pricing factor plays to the benefit of the air cooler while its efficiency is world-renowned as well.

The final nail in the coffin that makes air coolers the masses’ ideal cooling choice is its wide range. It does not matter what your cooling benchmarks are; there is a cooling tower to suit your need. Be it tower coolers, desert coolers, or window coolers, you can count on brands like Crompton to help you out.

While all this is true, no one can deny that maintaining an air cooler can prove to be a daunting task without prior experience. Unless you own an advanced air cooler, you need to clean it at regular intervals. Although the process seems pretty straightforward, your ignorance and lack of information can complicate it.

Do not worry, though, as you can simplify the seemingly humongous task with the correct details. How can you get the information, you may ask? By reading the mentioned tips to clean and maintain your air cooler.

Top Tips to Clean and Maintain an Air Cooler

Thoroughly Clean the Dust

You can increase the life of air coolers by keeping them dust-free most of the time. Allowing the dust particles to accumulate over your cooler can hinder its performance and durability. So, dismantle the cooler and get a clean piece of cloth to initiate the cleaning process.

Start with cleaning the fans and move on to the pads by keeping them under a running tap. It is recommended to buy new pads every year, but you can wash them weekly to ensure they live longer. If the smudge is not clearing, you can mix some detergent in lukewarm water to prepare a DIY cleaning solution.

Lubricate the Motor

Your air cooler becomes a huge junk of plastic/metal without a functioning motor, so it is crucial to take care of it. Unplug the cooler from the socket and take out the motor from the body. Now pour 3-4 drops of lubricating oil on different parts of the motor. Refrain from using oil on other parts as it can hinder their functionality. Check for any leakages within the system to ensure the proper functioning of the pump and the motor.

Clean the Water Tank

You need to empty the water tank to start the cleaning process. For better reach, it is advised to take out the pads and motor beforehand. Now, take out a clean, soft cloth, warm water, and a sponge to wipe the tank’s residue. Once you have wiped the surface, first clean it with soapy water and then with clean water.

Once this is done, start to ensure the pads stay mould-free by cleaning them. You can use the mentioned DIY cleaning solution for this step as well. Run the solution through the air cooler for solid 30 seconds, followed by quick rinsing with cold water. Keep the empty cooler running at max speed for 10 minutes to get rid of the mixture’s smell.

Wrap up the process by filling the tank with cool water and running the air cooler for 5 minutes to remove the mixture altogether.

Do Not Forget the Insulation and Wiring

Yes, an air cooler runs on water, but that does not mean you can keep it near water 24/7. It can damage the cooler while also increasing the chances of mishaps with electricity. Always make sure of some minor things like:

  • The appliance does not have any loose wire.
  • The main switch is intact.
  • There is no water leakage within the system.
  • The insulation is in mint condition.

Keep it Smell-Free

You can invest in deodorant to keep your air cooler odour-free, or you can use a DIY one. Simply mix nice-smelling floor cleaner with your cleaning solution at the end of the cleaning process. This will you remove the solution’s smell while improving its overall application.

Store it Safely

There are superior air coolers like the Optimus Series by Crompton that are highly durable but storage is important even for those. So keep them in a secure place when they are not being used. Unplug the appliance, dismantle it, and safely store every part.

Under no circumstance, leave the cooler connected to power or filled with water for prolonged periods. Try to cover the cooler with a soft cloth before wrapping it with tape to stop dust accumulation.

Wrapping Up

Air coolers are a popular cooling choice among the masses, and understandably so. An air cooler is efficient, economical, and robust, but it needs some cleaning now and then. Many people face trouble cleaning and maintaining their coolers, and the blog has offered viable tips to help them out.

If you are looking for the best air cooler in India go for brands like Crompton. You can find a wide range of esteemed air coolers that are durable enough to last a long time and possess advanced cooling properties.

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