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Why a new real estate investment?

Investing in new has many advantages that should be detailed. 33realty.com gives you details why you need a real estate investment.

A Property In Your Image

First, you invest in a dwelling that has not yet come out of the ground; then, you can build it in your image. Moreover, even if it is for a new rental investment, you never know what tomorrow will bring, and you could one day find yourself living in it. Building an apartment in your image and functional will allow you to personalize it.

A New Rental Investment Will Give You Guarantees

A recent new real estate investment will guarantee the construction for 10 years. Indeed, the manufacturer usually has taken out a ten-year guarantee. These will allow you to be compensated for defects after delivering the goods.


If your investment choice is recent, you will have accommodation that meets the latest technical, heating, and material standards. This will allow you to have a quality property to offer to your tenants and may allow you to rent the property a little more expensive than other similar older properties.


As we mentioned with guarantees, investing in new will bring you a form of security you will not have in the old. First, there are the assurances that there are not on an old property. Moreover, by investing in the old one, you will never be sure not to find a hidden defect that will instantly weigh down your profitability.

A Good Location For A New Real Estate Investment

For us, the number one rule when you are a non-professional furnished rental company is the location. Indeed, knowing the sector and its surrounding market well will allow you to know your target customers, especially if there is rental demand. You will considerably reduce your profitability if you find a rental vacancy. In addition, to make a good new rental investment, you must carefully compare the price of the accommodation you plan to buy with other offers.

Study the neighborhood, infrastructure, amenities, urban projects, etc. Project yourself into the years to come to determine if the neighborhood is growing or declining. Investing in the new will require you to study the town you want.

Know How To Surround Yourself

A new real estate investment in the recent will require you to choose a professional to realize your property. You will have to check the seriousness of the professional and his financial health and reputation if it is true that choosing a large company will, in principle, secure your yo-financially rt. For example, a new rental investment can cost several hundred thousand euros, and finding yourself with a blocked, abandoned site or an incalculable number of defects could disgust you for life with a new real estate investment. Before making your rental purchase, compare the different professionals so that your construction site is built with complete peace of mind. Learn more about Reasons to Hire a Property Management Company here.

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