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Declutter your Garage with these Simple Storage Tips

If you’re tired of walking into your garage shed and being overwhelmed with junk and equipment sprawled out everywhere, then you’re going to want to invest in some handy storage ideas. Decluttering your garage doesn’t have to be a hard task, so don’t put it off any longer. By following these simple storage tips you’ll be well on the way to having a garage where everything is easy to find. No more countless hours of digging through the corners of your garage to find that little tool you’ve been looking for. It’s time to get to work.

1. Clean and declutter the space

Half of our storage problems come from having way too much stuff in our garage sheds. The first thing that you should be doing is giving your garage a good clean out and getting rid of useless, old or broken things that are taking up valuable space. You’d be surprised at how much you’ll throw out, and plus you might uncover some interesting things that you haven’t seen in years!

2. Group similar items

If you’re someone who’s got piles and piles of random stuff in your garage that makes finding a specific piece of equipment a nightmare, you’ll want to start grouping similar items together. That’ll help you get on track to store these items in a convenient and easy to find place. The pliers shouldn’t be hanging amongst a whole group of old paint buckets, so spend some time looking at the areas in your garage shed where you can group items properly to maximise your space.

3. Buy the right storage units

Now depending upon the types of items and tools you’ve grouped together in tip 2, you’ll want to select and buy the right type of storage units to place them in. For example, you might want to invest in a portable toolbox storage trolley, allowing you to move it around the garage shed whenever you’d like.

Or you might want to think about installing some simple shelving units that you can place boxes or containers on. Make sure that you label each box and place the label at the front so you can easily read what’s in the box when you look at your shelves.

4. Install a workbench

Garages are often little places of solitude where we can tinker on our cars or work on DIY home projects. Another great storage idea is to install a workbench, where you can have the equipment and other useful tools on the bench, under and in front of you. Not only will your workbench give you a suitable space to work, but you can have a simple tool hanger in front of you to store those tools that you’re frequently reaching for.

5. Cord Organisers

If you’re like most people, your garage shed is probably chock full of different types of cords, cables or hoses that can often get tangled up in each other. One simple storage tip for these is to install simple hooks on the walls or across beams along the roof. You’ll be able to hang your cords on these cords, helping to keep things organised and allow you to grab them easier when you need them.

Rinse and Repeat

Don’t forget to keep checking on the types of equipment and tools that you have in your garage as it doesn’t take long before your storage solutions need some updating. Stay on top of your clutter with regular checks and cleanouts and your garage will continue to become a useful storage space, rather than an extension of your rubbish bin. If you’re wanting to take advantage of the benefits of sheds in Perth, get in contact with Perth shed builders to help create your perfect shed for you.

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