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What are the different features to look for in a cordless vacuum cleaner?

cordless vacuum cleaner may come in different types and varieties. However, every model may have the same set of features. In this article, let us discuss some of these different features that make up a cordless vacuum cleaner in brief.

Features to look for in a cordless vacuum cleaner

Handheld mechanism – It is the ability of a cordless vacuum to get converted into a handheld and compact device that you could use to clean intricate places. Usually, you will find the cleaning unit along with a long stick that is used to clean the floors. However, if you want to clean stairs or cars, it is better to have a convertible cordless vacuum cleaner. So, the handheld mechanism is a vital factor to look for in a cordless cleaner.

Battery life – It is a mandatory feature to consider when choosing any self-operating device. If the battery life is short, you would have to recharge the device frequently. So, you will waste a lot of time in the process. However, if you get a stable device with a better battery, you can save time and energy.

Runtime – It is the time that your device can give you to clean your floors. If your device’s runtime is thirty minutes, you could not operate the machine after thirty minutes of continuous operation from the point of full charge.

Charging time – Once your battery drains out, you will charge it. The time required for the battery to get charged completely from the drained state is known as the charging time. Although it is not a feature, it is necessary to know this time.

Storage capacity – Then, you have to look for a debris bag in the cordless vacuum cabin. Since all the dirty particles are getting accumulated inside the bin of the cleaning unit, there should be enough space to clean a large place at one stretch. If you buy a small bin cleaner, you would have to empty it frequently. So, you may waste your time.

Battery swapping – In some cordless devices, you could find the ability to replace the drained battery with a new one. If you do so, your cleaning process will not stop due to battery drainage. However, you should keep both of your batteries completely charged always. Else, it will be of no use to have swappable batteries.

Flexible tube – If you want to clean large floors, there may be occasions where you require the cleaner to go under furniture. In such cases, a flexible tube will be helpful.

Power trigger – In some cordless cleaners, you would have to press the power button whenever you want to clean the floors. If you do not press it, the machine will not operate. It will help in saving the battery life.

Battery life indicator – It is a vital feature that will let you know the charge remaining in your battery. You can charge your device when the number goes low.

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