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The Benefits of Using Self-Storage Services when Moving House

While it may seem like the best idea to move all your belongings in one go on moving day, there is an argument to stagger the moving process. Although there may not always be the luxury of choice as moving dates overlap or because you’re renting a place temporarily while looking for a permanent home; self-storage services become an essential option. Many nowadays offer total flexibility and do not tie you into long-term contracts so in this article we’re going to look at some more of the benefits of self-storage.

24-Hour Access

A fantastic option for many nowadays is the open-all-hours self-storage which means that you’re able to store things whenever necessary and when is convenient – after work, in the morning, it’s all the same because you have access to the facility at all times. This means that when you need to move, it doesn’t need to be moved out in a rush all in one day. Especially if you’re doing it yourself, say over a weekend, you can stagger the move to make it more manageable and without the worry that you may miss the moving window for whatever reason. The self-storage facilities are popping up everywhere and they present a convenient option for when you may be in between houses or want to do the move by yourself.

Removal Company Assistance

There’s even the possibility of removal companies helping with the moving from the storage facility: a lot will even have their own – at Yeates in fact we have a self-storage in Weston-Super-Mare. This is quite a common scenario whereby the customer has total control over their stored belongings. This is thanks to the range of facilities on offer such as pallet trolleys for easy loading, mobile units (shipping containers) and even forklifts for heavy items; it makes moving day a breeze and not something to be worried about.

Flexible Rental Terms

I touched on this briefly beforehand but one of the great things about opting for self-storage is the flexible rental terms. You can rent out a unit for as long as necessary which means peace of mind when it comes to waiting and knowing that your belongings are safe in a maintained and secure storage facility. The flexible terms also mean that it doesn’t only apply to people moving home but the units can be for long-term storage for things you don’t need or want to clutter up the house. The rates for storage are very affordable so whether you only need your items held for a short period of time or you need long-term solutions – there will be an option available to suit your needs.

Storage Unit Options

There’s really a wide variety of options in terms of unit size too so you can rest assured that the unit will accommodate however many items of furniture or boxes need to be stored away. If you’re unsure of what size to go for, staff at self-storage facilities are experts at assessing what items you have and what kind of unit will suit your needs. A lot of companies now offer mobile storage units, as I mentioned above, that can be loaded up and then delivered to your new home whenever is convenient. So there are plenty of options available to suit varying requirements.


These days, self-storage has a range of security measures to ensure that your belongings are kept completely safe the entirety of their stay. Security cameras run all day every day to monitor the site, as customers can come and go as they please, the cameras ensure that nothing unusual occurs. And finally, it’s also quite common for sites to offer insurance on your belongings for total peace of mind.

The Overall Benefits of Self-Storage

Hopefully from this list, you’ve seen some of the great advantages of using self-storage. Of course, it may not be necessary for everyone but they’re becoming an increasingly popular solution for many who are in-between homes and need some extra space in the meantime. There’s always options to suit every need and self-storage companies as well as removals services will always endeavour to do their utmost to ensure a successful and secure job.

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