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Home Hacks from a Professional Cleaning Company


Cleaning is a daunting task where you have to do plenty of chores that are repetitive and unenjoyable. Despite your best efforts, you aren’t satisfied after cleaning your home. You search for “cleaning services near me” and hire professionals to do the job for you. They do a better job in less time without fail. This is both impressive and frustrating. Let’s take some inspiration from professional cleaners, learn some industry secrets, and check out some home hacks from a professional cleaning company:

The Hacks

  1. Use doormats – Most dirt and filth in your home comes from the outside. If you can catch it at the entryways, you’ll have a much easier time cleaning your home. Separate indoor and outdoor shoes for your family members and guests. Place two doormats at each entryway, one outside and one inside.

Practice removing shoes when you enter your home and put them in the shoe cabinet. Use slippers or completely different sets of light footwear when you’re inside the home. Integrating this habit and the use of doormats should help you limit the dirt that enters your home. Make sure you clean the mats regularly.

  1. Get rid of the bucket – When you use a mop bucket or any other bucket to move around dirty liquid or a soapy solution, it is going to slosh around and make a bigger mess than it solves. Unless you’re mopping floors, ditch the bucket. Instead, fill up the cleaning solution in a spray bottle and use a mop made of microfiber. It is equally effective, without a watery mess that you need to clean up again.
  1. Mix and combine tasks – When you have similar cleaning tasks at the same location, you should combine them instead of taking them separately. For instance, if you need to clean the windows as well as the blinds, you can do them both together. The same holds. for vacuuming floors and cleaning baseboards. Think about tasks that aren’t too difficult and can be done at the same time. This saves you plenty of time that can be used elsewhere.
  1. Get a soap dispenser dish brush – Soap dispenser dish brushes can save you a lot of hassle and time if you know your way around them. While they are great tools to save liquid soap while cleaning the dishes, you can also use them in other parts of your home. For instance, you can hang a soap dispenser dish brush filled with cleaning liquid in your bathroom.

Get two or more of such brushes and mark them for use in the toilet and your shower. This way you won’t ever mix them up. Moreover, while you are in the shower, you can use the brush and scrub all the surfaces you want.

  1. The pillowcase is a great cleaner – Have you ever tried cleaning your ceiling fans, light fixtures, and other such high places in your home with a pillowcase? It’s an incredible hack that works wonders. The pillowcase can trap a lot of dust due to its pocket shape and that means when you clean high places, dust doesn’t fall on your furniture, the floor, or your bed. You don’t need to use the pillowcase that’s on your bed. Just buy a new one dedicated to this task.
  1. Vacuum the right way – You’re vacuuming the wrong way. You need to optimize the process so that you can collect maximum dust from all corners with minimum effort. You need to make horizontal passes and cover the whole room and then cover it up with vertical passes. You also need to be a bit more patient while vacuuming floors. Make sure to keep a slow and steady vacuuming pace to pick up all the trapped and stubborn dirt. You can also leave the job to modern robot vacuums.
  1. Have a cleaning plan – Most people have cleaning bursts, where they can’t tolerate certain dirty spots anymore and start cleaning around the house. However, when you go ahead without a plan, you waste more energy and get less done. Instead, you have to treat cleaning like a dance routine.

You start at the high places, get rid of cobwebs, dust, wipe the ceiling fans, light fixtures, and cabinet tops. Then you move your way down and around the furniture, windows, doors, or other big structures in your home. Finally, you make your way to the floor and as you vacuum or mop it down, keep a lookout for dirty spots and corners you may have missed. This routine helps you move in a streamlined way instead of wasting time and energy while doing back and forth between chores. 

  1. DIY cleaning liquids – The starkest difference between a house cleaned by a regular homeowner and a cleaning company are the windows and glasses. No matter how hard you try, you leave blemishes and smudges on your way and can never get that sparkly clean look even when you use the expensive glass cleaning liquid.

The secret lies in a homemade DIY cleaning solution and cleaning tool. To make the DIY liquid, you need to mix water, white vinegar, and rubbing alcohol in equal parts and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a pleasant scent. Fill it up in a spray bottle and your glass cleaning liquid is ready.

Instead of regular rags or mops, use a fine microfiber cloth or newspapers to clean glass surfaces. Regular rag has rough fabric that gets frizzy and scratches the glass surface with tiny particles of dust to leave a smudge or stain. Newspapers and microfiber let you wipe and clean with a single pass and trap all the dirt in one go. Hence, you do away with stains.


These home hacks allow you to do more in less time and get a clean and tidy home without fail every time. Get your cleaning supplies and implement them next time you clean your home. Otherwise, you can search for “cleaning services near me” and hire professionals to do the job for you.

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