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The Perfect Plants To Create An Amazing West Australian Garden

Australia has such a rich selection of flora and fauna, well-suited to our country’s seasons. And if you want to recreate that beautifully and naturally wild look for your very own West Australian garden, the key is to use flora that is native to your area. Not only will this ensure that your garden will be easy to maintain, but you’ll also be contributing to the local effort of preserving and conserving the native plants of Australia, as well. Below, some of the best plants to use for Perth landscaping.


Hemiandra pungens (Snake bush)

Wanting an incredibly hardy groundcover plant with vibrant colours? The Snake Bush boasts bright green foliage and precious mauve flowers during the summer. Whether you put it in full sun, or part sun locations, you’ll find that this grows quickly, too.

Scaevola ‘Purple fanfare’ (Fan flower)

From spring to autumn, this plant will give you beautiful purple fan flowers in a range of garden situations. Place it with well-drained soils in a sunny spot, and you’ll see it’ll thrive and grow well.

Strappy Leafed Plants

Anigozanthos species (Kangaroo paws)

Look familiar? This is actually the floral emblem of WA. You’ll find a great range of hybrids for this plant, and put it in any full sun garden position, and you’ll see beautiful, nectar filled flowers in a range of colours. What’s more, these flowers attract birds, too – perfect for peaceful mornings relaxing in your garden.

Dianella ‘Tas destiny’ (Variegated flax lily)

Put this plant in full sun, or part shade positions, and you’ll see this silver and green striped plant grow and thrive. Whether you place it in well-drained soils or clay soils, it’s a great space filler when you have a small spot in your garden that needs some extra greenery.

Small Shrubs

Acacia Cognata Limelight (Bower of beauty wattle)

This unique shrub is an incredibly hardy species with a weeping lime green foliage. Whether you plant it in a pot, in the garden, or over a wall, it’ll definitely be a great feature in your garden.

Callistemon viminalis ‘Better john’ (Bottle brush)

With stunning red flowers in the spring, and silvery new growth to blue-green mature leaves, this shrub’s vibrant visuals go hand in hand with its adaptability. Drought tolerant, and grows whether you place it in a full sun, or light shade position, it’s a great little shrub.

Medium Shrubs

Agonis flexuosa nana (Dwarf willow peppermint)

Looking for a shrub that doubles as a hedge, with cute little white flowers in the spring? This shrub does fantastically in full sun to part shade areas, and its mid green foliage can even be pruned to shape.

Westringia ‘Blue gem’ (Coastal rosemary)

With striking dark blue to purple flowers, you’ll love the contrast it with the shrub’s grey green foliage. Place it in a well-drained soil, with full sun to part shade, and marvel at its hardiness. It’s drought tolerant, too!


Banksia prionotes (Acorn banksia)

Small but quick to grow, this striking tree has unique toothed leaves and yellow-orange flower spikes. No matter the soil, you’ll love that it can handle Perth’s changing seasons, and is drought tolerant and even water-wise, too. Put this in a full sun position, and watch it grow.

Xanthorrhoea preissii (Grass tree)

Slow to grow, but lasts up to 600 years, this iconic tree has vibrant green grass like foliage, and mature trees produce large flower spikes every few years. It’s an iconic tree that will be a striking feature in your garden, no matter where you place it.

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