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A Stair Lift Can Help Mobility for the Disabled

Becoming disabled can be a life changing experience. Normal everyday activities may become difficult if not impossible. One such activity is navigating a flight of stairs. Many homes have staircases, and not being able to use them can be problematic. Fortunately, a stair lift can solve this problem. A stair lift is a motorised chair that is affixed to the wall or the railing next to the staircase. It helps you get up and down the stairs without any trouble at all.

You Can Customise Your Options

No matter what kind of staircase you have, there is a stair lift that can be installed. If your staircase is straight up and down, a straight stair lift will take you up and down. The chair on the stair lift can swivel to make sure you are safe when you exit. If you need a disabled stair lift in Dunstable, you will be able to get one that makes transferring from the chair to your wheelchair quite simple.

If your staircase is curved or has more than one flight of stairs that are joined by a landing, you can get a curved stair lift. This kind will take you around the curves as you travel up or down the stairs. The stair lift works with a remote control, and it is a safe way to become more mobile.

Temporary Stair Lifts Are Available

If your disability is temporary, such as a broken leg, you can rent a stair lift while you recover. The rental stair lift is just as good as the one you buy, and you can get any style that you need. If it is a long-term temporary situation, you can rent the stair lift, or you might prefer to buy one and resell it when you no longer need it. There are many different solutions available, so you are sure to get exactly the stair lift you need.

Free Consultation

If you are ready to discuss the stair lift possibilities, you can get a free consultation. You will be able to ask any questions and discuss all of your options. This is a great way to determine what you need and how it will fit into your budget.

Having a disability can make you feel as though you have to give up many things, including going upstairs to relax in your bedroom. Fortunately, stair lifts open up possibilities by helping you travel safely up and down the stairs.

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