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4 Inexpensive Ways to Safeguard Hardwood Floors from Pests

These days, many homeowners opt for installing hardwood flooring to enhance the beauty of the interior of their residential properties. A wide variety of hardwoods are available on the market for flooring purposes. Compared to other typical options, hardwood flooring is more durable and significantly less prone to minor damage.


Aside from toughness, the long-lasting aspect of solid hardwood floors compels more homeowners to invest in them nowadays. However, it is of immense importance to take utmost care of such floors in order to protect them from significant damage and household pests. Wellesley ant control services come to the rescue of all homeowners who are unable to get rid of an infestation of ants and termites.


You should not delay contacting a professional exterminator if you detect the presence of termites and carpenter ants weeks or months after they started feeding on hardwood floors and wooden furniture. Availing effective pest control services at frequent intervals can help you preserve hardwood flooring. Also, you can do certain things on your own to keep termite infestation at bay and protect your eye-catching wood floors from becoming aged and spotty.


Here are the simple ways to prevent pests from damaging hardwood floors.


Usage of Pests-Extermination Chemicals


Applying chemicals directly can help you get rid of colonies of different ruinous pests capable of wreaking havoc and damaging expensive hardwood flooring. However, know that these chemicals are hazardous for humans. Hence, it is important to take requisite precautions and stay cautious while applying such pest-killing chemicals. Ensure that you spray these chemicals properly inside cracks and openings on wood floors to eliminate termites, ants, and other destructive pests on the spot.


Application of Eco-friendly Pesticides


Get one of the best eco-friendly pesticides from the market and apply it both inside and outside your residence. These pesticides can exterminate typical household pests like termites, carpenter ants, bugs, and powder post beetles without causing any harm to residents. To keep these pests away and maintain the actual condition of your hardwood floors, you should apply such pesticides on the floor foundation.


Use Boric Acid


Compared to chemicals instrumental in killing termites, powder post beetles, and carpenter ants, boric acid is notably lower in toxicity. However, boric acid is on a par with eco-friendly pesticides and chemicals in exterminating the entire population of pests that like feeding on hardwood flooring and furniture. It tampers with termites and carpenter ants’ metabolic and digestive systems and kills them within a few days.


Make Poison Bait 


Try to resort to making poison bait, as it can help you get rid of dry wood termites and other annoying pests effectively. Poison bait is instrumental in luring most household pests and exterminating a large portion of their colonies all over your house.


You will surely get the results you expect if you diligently follow the effective ways mentioned above. It is essential to take precautionary measures before using pesticides, chemicals, boric acid, and poison. Contact a trusted pest control service provider if you need any help to protect hardwood floors from minuscule pests.




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