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Choosing the Right Garage Door Size for Easy Access

Garage doors come in different sizes. If you plan to replace or update your garage door size, you get plenty of choices. Finding a garage door that’s perfect in terms of color, styles, and feature is everyone’s requirement. But, there are things you need to keep in mind when choosing the right garage door size.

Standard Size for Garage Door

A standard size entirely depends upon the type of garage you own. In fact, the most common standard single garage door sizes include:


For smaller homes, the standard single garage door size is typically 8 feet wide. Some are 9 feet wide and give a bit of extra clearance. Likewise, if you use a non-standard vehicle, i.e., golf cart, it may be a couple of feet less.


A two-car garage comes with a standard width of about twice that of a single garage. They generally range between 15 or 16 feet wide.


A three-car garage can be up to 32 feet wide. It is possible to purchase a 32 feet wide garage door. However, homeowners specifically prefer standard single garage door sizes instead of three-door.

How To Measure  A Garage Door?

As mentioned earlier, the garage door comes in different sizes. You need to measure the door-size correctly. Here’s what you need to go for,

  • Measure the width of your garage door with tape – from one side to another
  • Measure the height – from top to bottom. Don’t miss the strips attached to the bottom
  • Measure the space between the sides of the door and wall on both sides
  • If you plan to install sectional or tilt garage doors, make sure there’s storage space

What Size Is Right For You?

The size of the garage door totally depends upon your home. If you have a standard one-car garage, you need to get an 8 feet wide garage door. For a two-car or three-car garage, you can equally add the same 8 feet wide garage door or move to higher 15 feet or 32 feet wide garage door.

However, make sure you verify the width and height correctly. In case you are not sure, don’t hesitate to get professional help.

Installing a garage door for your car is a long-term investment. Additionally, you don’t want to see scratches on your vehicle due to irregular garage size.

What Next?

All garage doors are measured and made. The crucial point here is to have enough head and side room to fit the desired garage door. It is worth analyzing to ensure there’s no issue with the size.

Think about what type of vehicles will be stored and the height that it will cover. Your new door will determine the opening size of your garage.


Garage opening is a significant part of your property. This is your entrance and exit. Therefore, you need to get it appropriately secured. If you require acknowledged assistance, you can always contact one. Choose the right size of door for your garage and move your car effortlessly.

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