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Ready Your Home for New Staycation Tourism

To enjoy a staycation is to enjoy a holiday within your home country. Within the UK, this means rejecting Mediterranean beaches and American National Parks to enjoy the shores of Cornwall and the hills of Snowdonia instead. While it may seem much less exotic, there are a number of reasons why staycations are becoming more popular each month.

Following the international pandemic, flights were limited, preventing many from enjoying their original holiday plans abroad. While staycation culture was already in the works, growing from fears of climate change as well as frugality, the COVID outbreak made it one of the only options for vacations.

For homeowners around the UK, this has potentially exciting prospects. As greater numbers of British residents begin exploring their own country, seeking out novel and luxurious destinations, financial benefits will occur as local areas experience new waves of in-land tourism, growing their economy. If your home is in or nearby and area that is likely to attract staycation travellers, then you may want to prepare your property, possibly even earning income too!

Building A Place To Stay

As a greater number of tourists travel to your area, local demand will change. Accommodation will be at the forefront of staycation preferences, which, in an age of Airbnb and rental culture, means that local homes are prime options. If you have any spare rooms, outbuildings, or summer houses, then you can potentially capitalise on the opportunity by offering the spaces to staycation travellers.

Private Bathroom and Kitchen

It isn’t, however, as simple as opening your door and welcoming travellers in. You need to ensure a few appropriate changes are made to the room’s design and utility first. Homeowners that benefit greatly from renting out extra space are those that ensure the room is self-sufficient, allowing guests to stay with intruding upon a shared space.

For example, this could mean giving guests access to their own en suite bathroom facilities or the ability to cook their own food. Such amenities may carry quite a costly installation fee. However, they make a stay much more desirable to tourists and will ensure a great demand for your accommodation, quicking returning the investment.

Private Access

Many hosts build extensions onto their home, such as annexes, as these often allow for separate accommodations to be accessed privately. Keeping guests separated from your personal living space can be advantageous, especially if you plan on hosting tourists regularly, as it will reduce the impact of your daily routine as guests come and go as they please.

The Right Design

In addition to utilities, design and cleanliness is also important. While you might find your extra space to be of sufficient comfort, there will be varying demand from different travellers, making it worthwhile to present your home in the best way possible. Especially as demand increases with positive reviews.

Giving your space a fresh coat of paint, as well as other stylish additions and decorations, can significantly improve the welcoming appeal of your home. And, while it might be tempting to explore your creativity when designing accommodation, remember that you want to appeal to as many potential guests as possible, so be sure to keep your aesthetic quite neutral!

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